Friday, 2 November 2012

Craig's Communist Manifesto

William Lane Craig has produced some booklets for children:

Ah, sweet, and delightfully illustrated.

For forty years Dr. Craig has been drawing for his family pictures of the endearing characters Brown Bear, Red Goose, and their two children Charity and John. Now through the wonderful renderings by Marli Renee, these characters help to make deep theological truths accessible and exciting for your children. Brown Bear, Red Goose, and their children form a traditional—though rather unusual!—loving family in which Papa models the biblical role of fathers in bringing up children in the instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). The ten booklets in this series aim to stimulate intellectual curiosity in your children when they have questions about God. The stories thereby serve as a springboard to further conversations with them about spiritual things.
What's that? Brown Bear and Red Goose? The bear has long been representative of Russia, and the redness of Mother Goose shines from the front cover. Could it be any more obvious that these 'illustrated booklets' aim to spread communist lies to brave American children? And him posing as a supposedly mild-mannered God-fearing pater familias. Albeit one who is satisfied that a divinely inspired genocide is a good thing. Could it be that his life's work presenting frankly ludicrous apologia for Christianity was all along driven by an atheist agenda? It would explain some of his arguments. Or maybe I've been watching too much Homeland.

It's nice to see him promoting inter-species harmony, but even Rupert Bear observed the biological facts of the matter, reproductively speaking. I'll be interested to read the booklet where Brown Bear and Red Goose explain where babies come from, and then present the evidence for the evolution of species by natural selection ("Mummy, why are you and John of the order Anseriformes? Why shouldn't I eat you again?"). It seems obvious that this is a thinly veiled attack on opponents of same-sex marriage. Just because Brown Bear and Red Goose cannot have sexual intercourse a la Adam and Eve is no reason that they shouldn't feature in a Christian (or communist) booklet extolling the virtues of the Christian way of life (note the coded "traditional—though rather unusual!" reference to their arrangements).

Kudos to Dr Craig! A bold rebuttal of his own expressed bigotry against homosexuals. I never thought I would see the day.


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