Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Wrong Side of History I

(Opposition to Racially-integrated Education, responses to Brown v. Board of Education.)
It is high time we thought of normalcy and routine for our young. We decry such [a] state of affairs in the home and constantly blame juvenile delinquency etc. on this lack of security and home balance. (Letter from Ainslee B. Dohme and Alvin R. L. Dohme)
In the belief that a public school system here consisting of an admixture of colored and white children will bring unending violence and strife to the detriment of both races, we earnestly petition you to make every effort to devise a means of maintaining public education without a comingling of the races. (Petition from the citizens of Halifax County)
 (Mourning card from Warren Spitler Covington to Governor James Lindsay Almond)

(Telegram from L. S. Key, Charlottesville, to Governor James Lindsay Almond.)
White and Negro children in the same schools will lead to miscegenation. Miscegenation leads to mixed marriages, and mixed marriages lead to mongrelization of the human race. (Jackson Daily News, Mississippi.)
The 17 Negro children have adequate and convenient schools to attend, most of which are much more modern and attractive to the students than the older school buildings occupied by a great many of our white children. (C. Edgar Winn, letter to The Virginian-Pilot)
Does the Negro have more right to force his way into a white school than a white person has to go to a 100% white school? In ruling he has, the Supreme Court brought out a radical sociological edict that upset every previous Supreme Court decision that bore specifically on the problem of mixing young children at the impressionable age. (Garland B. Porter, letter to The Virginian-Pilot)
One needs only to read the newspapers to note that there is a continuous struggle between national Democrats and national Republicans to curry the favor of the Negro vote in the North. For this reason, at the instigation of American leftists, the South is being sacrificed on an altar of politics. (John W. Ball, letter to the Richmond News Leader)

Sounds eerily familiar.


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