Monday, 9 March 2009

Howard Jacobson - The History of Christianity

Howard Jacobson made the case for the Jewish view of Jesus Christ in this Channel 4 documentary. I thought it was quite interesting, although I was aware of much of it already; he talked about Jesus' very Jewish life, his Jewish views, his Jewish disciples; the fact they were never baptised as Christians (!), his failure to fulfil prophecy. He was reclaiming Jesus for the Jews, as, I guess, they always have. Fair enough. Also talked about anti-semitism and the (long) history of blood libel (the RC church finally conceded in 1965 that the Jews were not responsible for the death of Christ).

Anyway, he concluded that

...whilst the holocaust cannot be called a Christian crime, Christians connived in it, but suffered in it too; the holocaust was a crime against humanity. But centuries of Christian vilification of Jews enabled it, clearing a path for irrational loathing in the hearts of men, burdening Jews with a mythic guilt it was almost a duty to avenge; for some Christians the holocaust was payback time.

Undeniable, I would say.


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