Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Pope is a Twitterer

Here are his first three tweets; the second I thought was rhetorical, but he answered it himself. Looks like talking to himself will be the holy order of the day.

Needless to say, this has caused quite a hubbub. Here are some responses:

Hmm, good point, well made. Pontifex needs some grooming advice.

Well, Christians are known for fishing, so this is not unreasonably cautious. Always beware an approach on the intertubez which starts with a leading question. Especially if the enquirer is covered in bling.

There's no need for that.

That's more respectful. Oh, no, it isn't.

Second child abuse reference; oh dear, I can see where this is going. What on earth could the dear Pope have done to merit such calumny?

This guy hits the nail on the head; until we see the Pope with his head down in the Popemobile (steady), feverishly thumbing away in 140 characters about the monkey shopper, I won't be satisfied that he's taking Twitter seriously.

Love can strike at any time. Good luck with those marriage arrangements, though.

I bet Benny doesn't even reply. Look at his tongue!

It turns out that 'Cupcakes' was the most popular answer to this question; who knew?

Faithless heathen!

DOH! Fourth reference.

Anyway, the bookies are laying odds on who the pope will have his first Twitter row with. Latest:

Evens Richard Dawkins
2-1 God
5-1 Archbishop of Canterbury
10-1 Rihanna
20-1 Piers Morgan

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Here's a graphic of the Pope's followers around the world (click to enlarge):


  • Frankus says:
    12 December 2012 at 07:43

    I think the internet could be the demise of the Church.

  • Mark Jones says:
    12 December 2012 at 09:13

    I'm hoping Frank!

    But I think that may be too much to ask. We need to keep pushing them on their unreasonable doctrines and stop them unduly influencing affairs of state; that, I think, would be a reasonable compromise.

  • Sharon says:
    12 December 2012 at 10:38

    Tres drole.

    Thanks for this. I am far happier about the whole business now.

  • Mark Jones says:
    12 December 2012 at 18:18

    Glad it cheered you up, S; he's up to 7 tweets and counting. All dull as ditchwater. No photos of his posse yet.

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